Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Größenwahn in kleinen Wohnungen

Gefunden in der Rubrik "Fashion & Style" der New York Times - Website:
"Her studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is just shy of 400 square feet [37 Quadratmeter], barely enough room for an Ikea open-shelf bookcase, a chocolate-brown tufted couch, a full-size bed and her brindle-coated Shih Tzu, Charlie.

So when Claudia Argiro, 33, gave a holiday party last Saturday night, she pared down her guest list to about two dozen of her closest friends, hid the TV behind an industrial column wrapped with holiday lights and turned the media console into a bar.

But one thing she had to have was a bartender." Weiter lesen...

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